Wheelchair Track & Field, USA 2014 Significant Rule Changes

        >We have lowered the Masters’ age from 40 to 35 to be in line with other organizations. > We have better defined events for our dwarf athletes (classes T/F 40/41) and our intellectually impaired athletes (class T/F 20) in the junior age groups.  These events are in addition to events on the IPC schedule and are meant to offer all of our athletes an opportunity to compete in various events.

> We have made starting blocks an option for the T11-T13 athletes and T20 athletes who are under the age of 14.  However, it is recommended that coaches teach and encourage the use of starting blocks as early as possible.  Note:  For all other classes, Blocks are not required (for Juniors or Open).

>We have combined classes for the 1500M event for U16 and older age groups.  This is to put the USA in line with the 1500M event at the IPC junior age group levels.

>  We officially have added the 4X400M Relay event to the junior program.  Although it was always listed as an event, the event was not clearly defined previously.

>  Finally, the most significant changes for 2014 are the IPC changes in field.

      ·       First, class F58 has been eliminated and all F58 athletes will compete as F57’s or move to a standing F4X class.

      ·       Second, the seated throwing rules have officially changed so that all seated throws must be competed from a totally seated position (no leg/foot on the ground) with no lifting allowed.

                                   This is explained better in our Officials rules course and our seated throwing chairpresentation, which are available online on the WASUSA website, www.wasusa.orgunder Sports/Athletics.  The new rules define the size and specs of a throwing chair seat and holding bar as well as the position of the athlete in the chair as s/hecompletes.

·       WTFUSA will hold clinics at most WASUSA meets this spring and entertain any questions via-e-mail so that all athletes and chairs are ready for the 2014 competition.  It is our goal that no athlete comes to NJDC with an improper throwing technique or an illegal throwing chair.

                                    Please do not hesitate if you have questions to e-mail me at philg1234@comcast.net  and I will share your questions and chair pictures with the team so we can ensureyour athlete and chair are legal.

·       With these changes the current records for classes F32-34 and F57-58 are being retired. New records will be set for these classes as they are competed.

Download the new rule summary here and get your copy of the new rulebook online after Monday, February 17th at WASUSA’s website at www.wasusa.org under Sports/Athletics.  This year we have separated NJDC and Adult Nationals standards from the rulebook so be sure to download both documents.

Sincerely, Phil Galli WTFUSA Chairman


 Georgia Hawks Wheelchair BasketballGeorgia Hawks is an Abilities awareness program in partnership with SEPVA and the Family Y. The GA Hawks Wheelchair Basketball School Awareness Program helps children better understand what it means and how it feels to be a young person with a disability. The educational program give students the opportunity to learn what is involved when someone has a disability and how they adapt to live life, go to school, or work, as independently as possible.

The program offers: •  Wheelchair basketball demonstrations •  Meet and interact with the team’s players •  Sit in a basketball chair and play the game •  Learn inclusive skills •  Enjoy and activity that will impact the students for a life time •  Athletes answer questions regarding succeeding in life, living with a disability In addition to working with students within the community, the GA Hawks team is a newly registered team with the National Wheelchair Basketball Association (NWBA). Come check out one of the home games and support the team! All HOME games are played at the Augusta, GA Family Y.


March 2013:  GA HAWKS Wrap up their 1st season!

GA Hawks Trophies

Excerpt from Apr/May 2013 Southern Edition: The Georgia Hawks is a wheel-chair team sports community program supported and sponsored by Southeastern PVA, The Wilson Family Y and some local donations and contributions. The Hawks Just Finished their first wheelchair basketball season by taking third at the CWBC (Carolinas Wheelchair Basketball Conference).  The CWBC is one of the strongest conferences in the National Wheelchair Basketball Association, with 10 active teams from the CSRA. After seven month of competition in the 2012-13 season the Georgia Hawks won two tournament championships (the Atlanta Shepherd Invitational and the SEPVA/Family Y Augusta Invitational). During the two days of CWBC tournament play the Hawks won three games against the #4 seed (and former National Champions) Port City Spokesmen, #6 Raleigh NC Thunder, and #3 seed and team rivals Charleston Hurricanes. The only two losses were against the #1 seed Charlotte TarWheels in the second game and the semifinal game. The Hawks convincing wins against the #3 and #4 seeded teams validated the spot they rightfully earned. “We played every game of this tournament as though it were our last. We had something to prove to ourselves, our community and our sponsors. We’ve proudly brought home some trophies, including the CWBC 3rd place trophy!”    CONGRATULATIONS 2012-13 GA HAWKSGA Hawks play 2013 (1) Joey Nye2013 All Conference Joey Bennett Chris Pearson 2013 All Conference John Bronson  Tony Waters Melido Mir -2013 All Conference Bryan Donahue 2013 Rookie of the Year Jason Rainey  John Paul Richardson Jeanette Thompson Erich Thurman  Orlando V Perez – 2013 All Conference/ All Tournament/ Sportsmanship Award Johna Sutton, Coach Lisa Harwell, Assistant Coach