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August 2017:  Deer Hunts for mobility impaired in South Carolina


Click the above link for further details.

Further details: cost, quota, etc. can be found at www.gohuntgeorgia.com or www.active.com/outdoors.




Hunting in South Carolina?

South Carolina

Disabled Sportsmen Association (SCDSA)



SCDSA strive to increase opportunities for hunting, fishing and just getting outside for those who always require the use of a manual wheelchair, power wheelchair/scooter, crutches or cane to get around.  If you are chosen for a hunt but can not make it for whatever reason, please be courteous and try to call the hunt sponsor so someone else can go in your slot and nobody worries about you being lost or worse.  Always remember we are invited to the properties as guests and it is very important to treat the landowners, volunteers, facilities, equipment and land better than you would treat your own!


Questions contact;

Mark A. Riffle

803-898-9710 (w)

803-782-9007 (h)

803-463-4909 (cell)