Atlanta, GA
Genia Hachenberg, M.S., CRC
Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor
Phone: (202) 304-8544
(AL, AR, FL, GA, LA, MS, NC, PR, SC)

Rodney Lee (USA, Ret.)
Employment Analyst
Phone: (202) 710-6437 


Paralyzed Veterans of America’s employment program, PAVE, provides FREE employment support and vocational counseling assistance to ALL veterans, transitioning service members, spouses, and caregivers. 

Leveraging a high-touch approach, our employment analysts and vocational rehabilitation counselors will work with you on your path toward meaningful employment. Our team also has expertise in helping veterans overcome barriers to employment at all stages.

Whether you need help with job search and networking strategies or with obtaining necessary accommodations at work, PAVE is always a click or a phone call away. We are a partner for life.

 Fast Facts

• PAVE has helped more than 4,100 veterans, military spouses and caregivers find meaningful work.

• Recent data shows that more than 80% of PAVE program clients stay in their position for more than a year.

• We work with more than 1,200 nationwide employer and community partners to engage and employ PAVE clients. 

• PAVE’s vocational rehabilitation counselors are experts in assisting people with significant
employment barriers.

• PAVE provides a Partner for Life Guarantee. We are always available to help you reach your next employment goal!

Service Officers

Augusta VAMC
Jennifer Ammons, SNSO, Senior National Service Officer

Lorna Jefferson, Secretary
Augusta-Downtown VAMC, RM 2C-100
Augusta, GA 30904
(800)795-3597, (706)823-2219, FAX: (706)823-2295

Anthony Steele, SNSO, Senior National Service Officer

Lakisha Anderson, Secretary
45 Perry Hill Rd., Rm. 1-123
Montgomery, Alabama 36109
(800)795-3581, (334)213-3433/3435, FAX: (334)279-1590

Mitchell Hinkle, SBA, Senior National Service Officer

Shirley B. Bryant, Secretary
1700 Clairmont Rd., C/O PVA
Decatur, GA 3033-4032
(800)795-3596, (404)929-5333, FAX: (404)929-5337

Mark Antonitis, NSO, National Service Officer 


Linda Paquett, Secretary
251 N. Main St., Rm. 424
Winston Salem, NC 27155
(800)795-3622, (336)251-0836, FAX: (336)777-0572


Tony Timmons, SNSO, Senior National Service Officer

Val Brown, Secretary
6437 Garners Ferry Rd., Rm. 1121
Columbia, SC 29209
(800)795-3631, (803)647-2432, FAX: (803)647-2311


Nichelle Edwards, NSO, National Service Officer

Cassandra Davis, Secretary
110 9th Ave. South, Rm. A-302
Nashville, TN 37203
(800)795-3569, (615)695-6383, FAX: (615) 695-6290