Advocacy and Legislation

Core to our mission is helping veterans and all people with spinal cord injury/disease (SCI/D) enjoy the high quality of life they deserve.

SEPVA advocates for people living with SCI/D through speaking out on Capitol Hill and by working with federal agencies such as the Department of Justice to see that nondiscrimination laws are implemented and enforced.

Issues that our Advocacy/Legislation Directors tackle include:  the Americans with Disabilities Act, fair housing laws, Social Security, access to polls and public transportation (curb cuts, ramps self-service gas stations) and employment rights, and accessible housing.

SEPVA has built positive working relationships with our state and federal elected officials to ensure our voice is heard on Capitol Hill regarding legislative issues. We review local, state, and federal legislation pertaining to veterans and disability issues. As circumstances dictate, we respond with letters, telephone calls, and face to face meetings. We will deliver oral and written testimony as requested by various entities. On occasion, SEVPA will approach and petition selected officials to introduce specific measures. Members are informed on current issues so they can respond to their legislators.


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