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2020 Policy Priorities 116th Congress —2nd Session

Strengthen and Improve the VA Health Care System and Services

A. Protect Access to VA’s Specialized Services
Congress must protect access to specialized services within VA, including the spinal cord
injury/disorder (SCI/D) system of care, to ensure that it remains strong and effective. Congress must also ensure that VA’s health care system is able to effectively meet its staffing requirements.

B. Improve Access to VA’s Long-Term Services and Supports
Congress must provide oversight of VA’s expansion of its Program of Comprehensive Assistance for Family Caregivers (PCAFC) to ensure it is executed in a fair and timely manner and expand eligibility for the PCAFC to include veterans with serious illnesses like ALS and MS. Congress must also maintain a safe margin of community living center capacity for veterans with SCI/D.

C. Access to IVF
Congress must make in-vitro fertilization (IVF) a permanent part of VA’s medical care package.

D. Care for Women Veterans with SCI/D
Congress must ensure that VA is able to fully meet the needs of women veterans with catastrophic disabilities, including considering their needs in any decisions involving VA’s delivery of genderspecific health care.

Strengthen VA Benefits

A. Benefits Improvement for Catastrophically Disabled Veterans
Congress must improve benefits for veterans with the most severe disabilities by:
• Increasing the Automobile Allowance Grant and ensuring that veterans receive appropriate
Automotive Adaptive Equipment reimbursement;
• Addressing the transportation needs of non-service-connected veterans to help restore, promote and preserve the highest state of health possible; and
• Prioritizing claims for Specially Adapted Housing for veterans with ALS and increasing the
amount and usability of the grant for all catastrophically disabled veterans.

B. Benefits for the Surviving Spouses of Catastrophically Disabled Veterans
Congress must ensure survivors of veterans who die from ALS receive the full benefits they are due.

Strengthen and Protect the Systems and Civil Rights that Support People with Disabilities

A. Improve Access to Air Travel for Passengers with Disabilities
Congress must improve access to air travel by requiring airlines to ensure that airplanes meet broad accessibility standards and strengthening Air Carrier Access Act enforcement through referral of certain complaints to the U.S. Attorney General and a private right of action.

B. Protect and Increase Compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
Congress must continue to protect the rights of people with disabilities to seek immediate redress of discriminatory barriers in public accommodations under the ADA and increase and expand the tax incentives available to assist businesses with ADA compliance.

C. Preserve and Strengthen Financial and Health Security for People with Disabilities
Congress must strengthen and enhance the Social Security system and protect Medicare, while rejecting efforts to undermine these earned benefits programs that represent an economic safety net for millions of Americans.

D. Disaster Response and Recovery that Meets the Needs of People with Disabilities
Congress must address current gaps in the ability of the emergency response and recovery system to address the needs of people with disabilities and ensure disability inclusive disaster management policies and practices

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